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French Horn

No description

Sara Marnik

on 20 March 2011

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Transcript of French Horn

French Horn "The sound of the French horn is the soul of the orchestra"

-Robert Schumann Evolution Natural Horn Animal Bone

www.cnx.org No Valves Stop horn Stop horn Omnitonic Horn 1st horn to have crooks What is a crook? Tubes used to lengthen tubing of horn Result in wider range 1818- pistons introduced 1832-Germany-modern valves

www.cnx.org Double Horn F horn tubing and Bb horn tubing Thumb trigger No stop horn Famous French Horn Players Philip Farkas First horn player in the
Kansas City Philharmonic International Horn Society The Art of French Horn Playing John Cerminaro New York Philharmonic Los Angeles Philharmonic
www.johncerminaro.com Played the 4 Mozart Horn Concertos with the Seattle Symphony How To Play Air Flow Down lead pipe Through the main tuning slide Into the rotary valves Through the slides that correspond to the rotary valves Out the bell Buzzing Tighten bottom lip Put corners against teeth Barley touch top lip to bottom lip Blow air
www.ehow.com Now you try! You did it! The End!
Thank You!
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