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Import vs. Export

Presentation S.S. 365

Kate Heller

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Import vs. Export

by: Kate Heller Import
Export Introduction: What is Import On to export Goods that are brought in from a different country as well as sending goods sent from one state to another within a country. IMPORT IMPORT IMPORT This is when good are sent from one country to another as well as sent from one state to another. From grade to grade there are signs of development. Third grade:
At this grade level the concepts of import and export are introduced and defined. The broad example that they gave is the international trade between the United States and China. Grade levels Fourth Grade:

At this level Import and export are reintroduced. Export is more developed and gives the example of the early Colonies exporting tobacco to England.
Import is also developed further by relating the concept to the students reading the book. The examples that they use are toys and games. Later they also related the topic to clothes, cars, and electronics. Fifth grade:

Import and export are presented again with definitions.
The book gave examples of what New England and what they exported to the Colonies.
It also gave import examples by stalking about the Colonies receiving tea and spices from England. Sixth grade:
At this grade level the definitions for both Import and Export were provided.
Also at this grade level there was the example of imports and exports between Canada and the United States. Rationale Students need to understand the concept of import vs. export because it teaches them about trade, more specifically international trade. Students shold have an understanding that not all good that their parents buy come from the United States. Teaching the concept of imports vs. exports will help the students understand the concept of working together. This is because the countries must work together to come to a trading agreement. Illinois State Standards Goal 15: Understand economic systems with an emphasis on the United States.
D: Understanding trade as an exchange of goods or services.
15.D.1a: Demonstrate the benefits of simple voluntary exchanges.
15.D.2a: Explain why people and countries voluntarily exchange goods and services.
By the end the students should be able to define the terms as well as give examples of each. Learning objectives By the end of the lesson students will be able to define import and export.
Students will also be able to give an example of each of the concepts. How I would introduce import and export I would use the concept attainment method to teach these concepts. 1. Present the concept and its importance in an interesting way.
I would divide the class into groups of 5 and give them name of a country as well as a good that is indigenous to the groups specific countries. The students need to work together to figure out how much they would need to export to another country and how much they would need of another country's good to be imported. 2. Provide students with a definition of the concept.
Once each country has figured it out and given their good to another country and received a good from another country, I would lead a discussion about what they have done. At the end of the discussion I would introduce the concepts of import and export. 4. Give fresh examples/ non-examples and let students apply definition.3. Give an example/ non-example and show how it does or doesn't fit.
-U.S. selling their goods to China is an example of _______
-An example of Importing is when mangos are brought in from Mexico to the United States. T/F
-An example of Exporting is when the United states buys tea from England. T/F 3. Give an example/ non-example and show how it does or doesn't fit.
-The U.S. Selling to foreign countries is what?
Export because they are sending the goods over seas and making a profit.
-The U.S. buying fruit from other countries is what?
Import because the other countries are making a profit by sending their goods to the U.S. 5. Closure
To make sure the students understood the difference between export and import as well as what each of them mean I would go over the discussion again. I would also ask them to draw a picture of two types of goods one that the United States Imports and the other that the United States Exports.
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