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The Bermuda-Triangle

No description

Denise Stübl

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of The Bermuda-Triangle

The Bermuda -Triangle Overview general information
mysterious activities
possible explanations General Information What is the Bermuda-Triangle? Where is the Bermuda -Triangle? Mysterious acvtivities Devils Triangle
planes and ships disappeared
"paranormal place" western part of the North Atlantic Ocean Christoph Columbus first one who noticed strange things
compass stopped working Flight 19 December 5th in 1945
five people in aircraft
never got found Raifuku Maru 1924
japan ship "Danger like a Dagger (=Dolch), so fast, we aren't able to flee" possible explanations Driftings ships and planes got drifted
-> sank -> got covered by quicksand (Treibsand) Extrateresstrial beings giant UFO-base under surface Extraterrestrial influence or natural phenomenon ?
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