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Process of Recruitment/Selection

I Employee's Process of Recruitment/Selection Heads/Project Manager 2013/2014

I Volunteer

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Process of Recruitment/Selection

Individuals in the following circumstances are not eligible for I Employee Team:

Individuals currently participating in academic, training, or research programs which is take from her/his a lot of time Like Preparation MPA
Individuals currently residing or working Overall week and don't make sure that he/she committed with Team ;
Individuals who are younger than 18 years old or older than 30 years old prior to October 2013
Student who is fresh in first year in University but Don't worry you still have a chance to U to join us as a Senior/Member Just Fill this application : http://bit.ly/IVolunteer-Application-Form
If you can't find yourself in the description above..
Don't worry you still have a chance to join us as a Senior/Member in the below Department:

Marketing Section (Multimedia, External & internal affairs, Website, Social Media )
HR section (Project Coordinator – HR specialist – Performance appraisal –Recruiter –Training and development specialist ) this is So soon isA

So Be Ready

For More info about us Please Check :

I Employee Project http://bit.ly/IEmployeeteam
I Employee's Values http://bit.ly/Core-Values-IEmployee
I Employee's General Policies http://bit.ly/IEmployee-General-Policies
Applicants in I Employee are through a competitive selection process. In order to apply, you must submit the Four following points required on (hr.iemployee@gmail.com)
1- Read Carefully Job Description:

Assistant Project Manger http://bit.ly/Assistant-project-manager
HR Head http://bit.ly/Human-resource-Head
Marketing Head http://bit.ly/Marketing-Head
Project Coordinator http://bit.ly/Project-coordinator
2-Full Plan please check Links to get the main point's required

Assistant Project Manger http://bit.ly/Assistant-Project-Manager-plan
HR Head http://bit.ly/HR-Head-plan
Marketing Head http://bit.ly/Marketing-Head-plan
Project Coordinator http://bit.ly/Project-Coordinator-plan
3- Fill this Application Form

HR Head http://bit.ly/I-Employee-Human-Resources-Head
Marketing Head http://bit.ly/I-Employee-Marketing-Head
Assistant Project Manger http://bit.ly/I-Employee-Assistant-PM-of-IEmployee
Project Coordinator http://bit.ly/I-Employee-Project-Manager
4-Send the Soft Copy of his/her resume and letter of recommendation form.

PS: Recommendation "Preferred": Your recommendation must be from either:
An organization that is actively involved in social development; or any related that
Any important Certificate of your interested position
Interviews and Notification:
Top-ranked candidates will be contacted by no later than
Wednesday, 20 November, 2013.
Interviews will be held starting
Monday 25 November, 2013.
Applicants will be advised of
final status by
Friday, 30 November, 2013.

Questions or Inquiries:
An I Employee representative will be available to answer any questions you may have by
phone on: 01115070178 / 01092645995 at any time during week or via Face book Page or
LinkedIn "/iemployeeteam"

Questions can also be sent by e-mail any time to: hr.iemployee@gmail.comU . You should receive a response within 1-2 days.

You are a Team leader fit for I Employee, if you are under 30 years of age and meet most of the following criteria:
Currently a university student or recent university graduate
Do NOT believe that it's No Unemployment in Egypt, and know that you will help with us, and have passion, and pitch will attract resources
A risk-taker by nature and enjoy taking on new challenges (HR, Marketing,
May have previous experience on one of the our committee
Work well and participate actively in Volunteering environments
Open-minded with respect for new ideas, concepts, and points of view
Highly motivated and hard working and you must be a loyal to I Employee
Have a good working knowledge of English (spoken and written).

I Employee is conducted as a merit-based open competition. After the deadline, all eligible applications will be reviewed by HR specialists and/or project Manger specialists.
Chosen semi-finalists will be interviewed. All applicants will be notified of their status in
End of November 2013.

Selection panels will use the following criteria to evaluate applications (not in order of importance):

Practical Experience
His/her interest
Demonstrated leadership potential
Demonstrated Good in written and spoken English
Flexibility and suitability as an exchange student
Commitment to Giving I Employee some of Time, Effort, rather than experience which you will gained
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