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chloe campbell

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of A

Famous Person
I think that Taylor Swift would have the artistic personality because she is good at writing songs.
Group Prezi
By: Paige Wiewiora
Chloe Campbell
Trier Hewitt
Regan Cotter

Regan and Trier are both part of a social personality.
Regan and Trier both have a social personality
Artistic means that you like art and creating things.
Giving first aid
Jobs For Artistic
Art Teacher
A social personality is when someone likes to help other people, good at careers such as counseling, nursing,
or giving information.
They also value people or solving social problems and see themselves as trustworthy, friendly, and helpful also they try to avoid mechanical things and animals to complete a goal.

A musician
Paige has an investigative personality
Fashion designers
People with this personality type generally like to solve math and science problems.
They also value science.
They see themselves as precise, scientific, and intellectual.
People with this personality type generally tend to avoid leading, selling, or persuading people.
Jobs for Investigative
Walt Witman was not only a famous poet. He never had a formal nursing education, but was motivated to help wounded soldiers at military hospitals around Washington D.C. He listened to their stories and sent words to their families on their behalf. A poem that he wrote is, All Is Truth. We infer that Walt has a social personality type because he helped people.
Jobs for a person with this personality type include...
Famous Walt Witman
The Group Personalities
2 Social ( Regan and Trier)
1 Investigative (Paige)
1 Artistic (Chloe)
Famous Person with an Investigative Personality
1 Conventional (Paige)
2 Artistic (Trier And Regan)
Giving Information
I believe that Albert Einstein had an Investigative personality type. I think this because Albert Einstein's work is known for its influence on science. As a child, Einstein was fascinated by mathematics and science. His theories helped form the basis of development of the atomic bomb.
It usually means that you are talented at many things that involve art.
Chloe is artistic.
Artistic is a personallity where people are creative and very independant
It means that you like to do activies like art, drama, crafts, dance, or music.
An Actor or Actress
Secondary and Main Personalites
Artistic and social go together because artistic people are helpful and so are social people.
1 Social (Chloe)
Investigative and conventional go together because ninvestigative people are usually organized.
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