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Grand Canyon Overnight Field Trip

No description

Leslie Watkins

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Grand Canyon Overnight Field Trip

4/30 - 5/1
7th grade Grand Canyon Overnight
What are you doing while you are there?
Students should bring something to eat for breakfast or eat breakfast before they arrive at school. We will have some snacks just in case though.

Students will be asked to bring a sack lunch from home to eat on Thursday. If you need a sack lunch from school, please let us know so we can provide one.

Dinner Thursday will be Pizza. We will have it delivered to the cabins. We will get a variety for choice. Students will also get a soda and a bottle of water. We have something special planned for dessert as well!

Breakfast in the morning will be donated. It will probably be breakfast bars, fresh fruit and juice.

Lunches have been ordered from Maswik Lodge at the Grand Canyon. We will eat them after we have attended our guided field trip. We need to take extra care to make sure we clean up after ourselves and throw away all of our trash.

We will have extra snacks available in the afternoon after we leave the Grand Canyon. If you are willing to donate some snacks for this trip, please contact Mrs. Watkins and we would love to have your help.

Dinner Friday night will be at a student friendly restaurant in North Phoenix or Flagstaff. Students need to make healthy choices so they don't get sick on the bus ride back to school.

Meals and Snacks
Students will staying in cabins at the Arizona Mountain Inn. All bedding is provided, but students may bring a pillow if they choose.

The girls will have several cabins to themselves and the boys will have separate cabins. Each cabin has varying sizes of beds ranging from twin size up to King size. Most students will end up sharing a bed. We will talk about being mature about this and they will have to do this next year in DC so they might as well practice. There are also couches in the cabins so they can decide where and with whom to sleep.

All chaperones will sleep in the cabins as well. However, we have arranged it so no adult chaperone is sharing a bed with a child. They might however be in the same room or loft area due to space.

There are showers in the individual cabins. The kids are free to take a shower before bed or in the morning on Friday if they choose. Please be advised that there is not much time at night or in the morning, so they might just choose to wait until they get home on Friday to shower. There are towels and soap, but they do not provide shampoo or conditioner.
Sleeping Arrangements/ Showering
Thanks for coming tonight. We are really looking
forward to a fun and educational experience for the kids. Please let us know if you have further questions or concerns. We want this to be a successful and meaningful learning experience.
Students need to arrive at school at 5:30 A. M.
(no earlier please)
We will be loading the buses here at school and leaving at 6:00 on the morning of Thu. April 28. All students will be riding on the bus with their carry on bag and their personal items. We are asking that this bag be able to fit under a seat or in the overhead bins.

Students also need to have an overnight bag with them that will be stored under the bus, but students will NOT have access to this bag until we are at the cabins. Remember we are only staying one night so please don't bring a huge suitcase. Whatever students bring they need to be able to carry themselves.

First Things First
We are really looking forward to this amazing field trip again this year. In order to ensure that it will be educational and safe for our students All behavior expectations that we hold at school will also be held at the field trip. Failure to follow the rules and expectations will result in a parent phone call home. If you receive this phone call, please be advised that your child will be required to miss the next stop and remain on the bus for the duration of the activity. Our team of teachers and staff will determine if they are eligible to participate in the remaining activities depending on the infraction.
Medications and Other Concerns
Medications must be given Mrs. Watkins or Mr. D. They will hold on to the medications until it is time to distribute them. All medications must be in the prescription bottle or in original packaging if it is over the counter medicine. All medicine should be clearly labeled with the student's name and directions for use. Please make sure that there are directions on how to administer the medicine if there are any special circumstances. If you have specific questions, please contact our health aide, Brittany, and she will be happy to answer any you might have.

Other Concerns- If you have any other child specific concerns about health, safety, or sleeping arrangements for your child, please contact your child's teacher or Mrs. Watkins to notify them of the concern.
Chaperones Responsibilities
Packing List- What to Bring
Thank you to the parents that are attending this trip with us. They are all either staff members or parents of students that are attending the trip with us. Each of them volunteered to spend time outdoors with us and camp out in cabins with groups of students.

Expectations for Chaperones-

1- Be responsible for the students that are placed in your group. Please make sure you know where they are at all times. Students should never go anywhere alone. They must have a buddy with them at all times and chaperones must be accountable for their whereabouts.

2- You do not need to be in charge of discipline. If you have reminded a student to follow directions and they fail to do so, please contact one of the adults from the school and we will follow through with any necessary steps.

3- Make sure that the students are in the cabins at the appropriate time and that lights out time is adhered to. Make sure that the children are awake and dressed in time to be at breakfast and on the bus in the morning.

4- The cabins have to be spotless in the morning. Please sweep the cabins and make sure we have all belongings and all trash is cleaned up. We want to make sure we leave the places we go cleaner than we found them.

5- We are asking that all parent chaperones act with integrity and model the behavioral expectations as well. We want you to be aware that there are children who will act as you do, so please make sure you are setting the example and we will have a great time!
Staff Attending

Mrs. Watkins, Ms. Headrick, Ms. Gallagher
Mr. D'Agostino, and another male staff member

Our goal is to make sure students have a fantastic time and learn a lot, but we need to maintain a safe environment!
We need at least 5 parents to attend as well. The more the merrier!

Please see the itinerary

Registration and first payment deadline is 11/19

Final payment is due 2/29/16
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