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Interactive Oral Assessment: Capital Punishment

By Sarah Clemens, Tyler Robertson, Logan Cosper, Jeremy Worthy, Logan Gamble

sarah clemens

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of Interactive Oral Assessment: Capital Punishment

Sarah Clemens, Tyler Robertson, Logan Cosper, Jeremy Worthy, Logan Gamble Capital Punishment For Against Capital Punishment Throughout History 330 B.C. 33 Scaphism Cruxifixion 800 Blood Eagle 1700 Hanging •Cause of Death: asphyxiation or cervical fracture •Pain Level: 6 to 9 Deters crime People should pay for their crimes It's justified in Christianity; the Bible had the death penalty It brings closure to the victim's family Many modern ways of execution are considered humane With new DNA technology, there is a small likelihood of
an innocent person being executed Hypocritical; It's not right to murder someone
as punishment for murder Executions cost 2 to 5 times more than keeping someone in prison for life All human life is valuable, and murder, no matter the
circumstances is always immoral It is still possible for an innocent person to be executed Only God should choose who lives and dies •Cause of Death: Starvation, dehydration, disease •Pain level: 10 •Time to death: 17 days •Cause of Death: Asphyxiation •Pain Level: 10 •Time to Death: Hours to Days Experiments were done where people would call the name of the decapitated victim. It was found that many victims would look up and make eye contact up to 40 seconds after decapitation Fun Fact •Cause of Death: Asphyxiation •Pain Level: 10 •Time to Death: Minutes •Time to Death: instant to minutes May 8th, 1945: Sétif Massacre The death toll reached anywhere from 2,000 to 40,000. The French took many Algerians as prisoner, torturing them, and then guillotining them. •Many people were guillotined during the Algerian revolution from 1854 to 1862 1300 Hanged, Drawn, and Quartered •Cause of Death: Decapitation •Pain Level: 10 •Time to Death: Hours Our Favorites Ling Chi Algeria French Colonialism Algerian War Today •When the French occupied Algeria in the 1800s, they brought many of their customs, including their favored way of execution: The Guillotine •Invented in the 1700s by Joseph Ignace Guillotin as a humane method of execution •It's estimated approximately 40,000 men, women, and children were executed by the Guillotine in the French Revolution Cause of Death: Decapitation Pain Level: 6 Time to Death: Instant •The Guillotine is notorious for the thousands of people it was used to kill in the French Revolution •The Guillotine is no longer used today, the last execution by guillotine occurred in France in 1977 Hamida Djanboudi was executed on September, 1977 by the guillotine While Algeria has not abolished capital punishment,
it has placed a moratorium on it. The last execution in Algeria occurred in 1993 and 2001, Algeria pardoned 115 inmates on death row to life in prison. •The morality of capital punishment is a heavily debated topic among Algerians Algerians protest the death penalty International Views on Capital Punishment •Completely Abolished in 96 countries
•Abolished for ordinary crimes in 9 countries
•Abolished in practice in 34 countries
•Still practiced in 58 countries The Death Penalty is… The United States Hanging Last Execution: 1936 Firing Squad Last Execution: 2010 •As of the end of 2011, 3,222 inmates are currently on death row in the U.S. Gas Chamber Last Execution: 1999 Electric Chair Last Execution: 2009 Lethal Injection Current method of execution in U.S. History of the Death Penalty in the U.S. •34 states still have the death penalty Interesting Fact: The Supreme Court abolished the death penalty from 1972 to 1976 in the U.S. •family members of the victims are allowed to witness the execution It is said lethal injection is relatively painless,
however, some argue that it is painful and inhumane Fact: It's estimated 150 people have been falsely executed in the U.S. "An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind" - Gandhi So which is right? You Decide! •A man brutally raped and killed 8 women. It is discovered in a thorough psychiatric examination that the man suffers from severe mental illness; his brain is at the development of a six-year old and he does not understand why he is in trouble. Can a mentally handicapped person be held responsible for murder if they cannot control urges and distinguish between right and wrong? •A man vengefully kills the man who molested his seven-year daughter. Is murder justified if it's to avenge wrongdoings against you or a loved one? •A woman brutally kills her husband who had physically abused her for 15 years. She has no recollection of the murder, and a psychological analysis suggests she suffered from battered wife syndrome at the time of the murder. Should a person be punished for murder if they mentally blackout as a result of years of abuse? •A twelve-year old boy kidnaps a four-year old boy in the neighborhood, torturing him and then killing him. The twelve-year old shows little remorse or even comprehension regarding the murder he committed. Should a child be held accountable for a crime he does not fully understand? •Two 17-year old boys kill 11 and injure 14 when they embark on a shooting rampage in their high school. Evidence shows the boys were severely bullied, both mentally and physically, for 6 years. Is it right to kill the people who made your life a living hell? •A man shoots and kills his wife in the head by her request as she is dying from a terminal illness that caused her excruciating pain and sorrow. Is it wrong to kill someone at their request out of love for that person? Impaling Capital punishment is a hot-topic that is often protested Necklacing Garotting Brazen Bull
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