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Reflections of Social Justice

No description

Amy Leigh Zschaber

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Reflections of Social Justice

Reflections of Social Justice
Amy Zschaber GAEA Fall Conference 2013
Ask your students:
1. Why are people treated unfairly?
2. What injustice(s) do you suffer?
3. What injustice(S) do you witness?
4. How can you change the world?
With your students:
1. Discuss the Holocaust
2. Examine Nazi Youth propaganda
3. Examine Allied propaganda

Model for your students:
1. Identify "big" topics
2. Make your own poster
Ask your students:
1. Do you think Germany deserved
to be punished after World War II?

2. What kind of punishment do you
think the country deserved?

propaganda video about
the building of the Berlin Wall:
students, "What do you
think happened next?
artist interview about tearing down the Berlin Wall:
if students' hypotheses were accurate.
graffiti on the
Western side of wall.
modern graffiti masters.
students to identify metaphorical
Berlin Walls in the contemporary world.
they have learned,
it to create an
original "wall" panel.
Your turn
1. Select a topic of social justice
2. Compose a "wall" about your topic
3. You may use mobile devices to
research (if needed)
4. At the end, we will combine our
walls to make one large artwork
artful.artsy.amy@gmail.com www.amyzschaber.com
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