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No description

jason sims

on 12 October 2010

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Transcript of Pronouns

Pronouns!! This is my friend His name is Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla This is Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla's Sister Her name is Rafaella Gabriel Sarsparilla Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla and Rafaella Gabriel Sarsparila Own a Kangaroo Rufus Xavier Sarsparilla and Rafaella Gabriella Sarsparilla are going to dinner Him/ He Her/She Them/They Us/ We Me/I They own a Kangaroo They went to meet their friends Give the crabbypatty to spong bob square pants! Give it to him Sponge Bob Square pants is going to visit Patrick Star He is going to visit his friend. Sandy Squirrel is going to the Krusty Krab She is going there Squidward Tentacles is Sandy Squirrel's friend He is her friend Sponge Bob Square Pants, Sandy Squirrel, Patrick Star, Mr. Krabs and Squidward Tentacles are going to dinner together They are going to dinner Plankton stole a Krabby Patty from, Sponge bob Square pants, Patrick Star, Sandy Squirrel, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward Tentacle He stole it from them The 1st grade class and I went on a field trip We went on a field trip Come with me and the 1st grade class to the movies! Come with us to the movies Come with me to the baseball game I am going to the baseball game
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