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social studies budget power point

No description

Joselene Aviña

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of social studies budget power point

Real state agent & Construction worker. payments
Alexis - Ive learned that it's important to look at new & used cars. A used car might be as good as a new car and be a lower price

- It's a good idea to look at the cars interior and learn about the cars speacial features and saftey devices.
2 needs and 2 wants
We only have one wants and its a cellphone each one is going to pay $50 each for the phone.
Are two needs are Gasoline & our car payment.
Step 5
our budget
by: Joselene and Alexis

What we've learned about buying a car
Joselene - Ive learned that You need to make sure you can afford the car.

-Make sure you have enough money for insurance, gas, repair & more..
Alexis wins= 34,000
Joselene wins=39,000

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