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Unit 2 (1789-1860)

No description

Bretton Chatham

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Unit 2 (1789-1860)

Unit 2
(1789-1860) President Washington Hamilton's Assumption Plan Political Parties Foreign
Entanglements Whiskey Rebellion Farewell Address Kentucky and
Resolutions Election
of 1800 President Adams XYZ Affair Alien and
Sedition Acts Northwest
Ordinance Louisiana Purchase Lewis and Clark Expedition War of 1812 Hartford
Convention Adams-Onis Treaty Missouri Compromise Monroe Doctrine Industrial
Revolution Eli Whitney Erie Canal Railroads "Old Hickory" Nullification Crisis Whig Party Public Schools Temperance
Movement Abolitionism William
Garrison Turner's Rebellion Grimke
Sisters Frederick
Douglass Seneca Falls Convention Social Movements Manifest Destiny Mexican-
American War Wilmot Proviso Compromise of 1850 Kansas-Nebraska Act Republican
Party Dred Scott Decision John Brown's
Raid Election
of 1860 American
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