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Super Soccer

By. Brennan Miller

lis lab3

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Super Soccer

Super Soccer
This sport is played outdoors, mostly
if you play indoors you got a big building!
For this sport some equipment is needed.
First, your Jersey signaling what team
you're on. Shin guards, are needed to protect
your legs from being kicked. And cleats, you'll
need these to keep you from falling as
much. Lastly, the goalies must wear gloves
to protect their hands.

Prezi made by... Brennan M.
Soccer began with
the Native American's
playing a forum of
this great sport in
But there's one more thing you
should know...
G al related rules:
1. If the ball is in the goalies hands, no other player may kick it,
the goalie must kick, punt, or throw the ball back on to the field within' six secs.
2. Obviously if you kick it into the goal, it's a goal.
3. If the ball goes out of bounce near the goal by the team defending the goal, it's a corner kick. The other team must kick the ball from the corner to try and score.
4. If the ball goes out of bounce by the team attacking, it's a goal kick for the defending team.
Field related rules:
1. If the ball goes out of bounce the other team may
throw it in from the out of bounce line.
2. If a player is injured and is unable to play when he
has the ball, a teammate kicks it as a direct kick.
3. Direct kicks are that you may score, a In-Direct
kick means you may pass then score.

The Beginning, Halftime, and the End:
In this sport you must score goals to win, while defending your own goal at the same time. Team with the most goals wins.
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