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EveryDay by David Levithan

No description

Brooke Di Paolo

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of EveryDay by David Levithan

by David Levithan

tree house-
the tree house, like i expressed earlier, is a place where no one except Alexander and his friends go. There fore it represents a way to escape from the world and live how you want to for a while. In a way it is what A has been looking for, a way to detach from his troubles and relax.
Every day, A, wakes up in a different body with a different life. He doesn't know why this happens and can't remember a specific time when it started. A hasn't had trouble in the past, he just tries to not interfere with the life of the body he is inhabiting until one day when he wakes up in Justin's body and falls in love with Justin's girlfriend. Throughout the story A and Rhiannon discover things about each other and them self's while trying to find a way that they could be together.
This book is set in Maryland and takes place in a current time setting.
Three significant settings in the book are...
Presentation by Brooke Di Paolo
rising action (3 events):
Three major rising action points in this book are:
- When A meets Rhiannon
- When A meets Reverend Poole
- When A uncovers some truth to what he is
The climax is when A wakes up in the body of Alexander. This is when he questions how Reverend Poole managed to stay in the same body and when he has to over come his desire to steel Alexanders life.
falling action:
The falling action is when A meets up with Rhiannon i Alexander's body and they decide to have a dinner date in Alexander's favorite spot.

The resolution of the story takes place in the tree house when A and Rhiannon try to figure out how they could possibly be together.
Presenting on March 27th
The narrator and main character in this story. He changes into a new persons body every day and he has been like this for as long as he can remember.
A girl who is "pretty but she doesn't see it." She is also characterized as," lost in her sadness". In the beginning of the book she is introduced as Justin's girlfriend.
"Imagine being home sick, but without having a home" -A
Justin is the first person in the book who A wakes up as. Justin is an abusive, aggressive, hateful person which is why A feels that he needs to save Rhiannon from him.
"Justin doesn't take care of himself. His scalp itches. His eyes don't want to open. He hasn't gotten much sleep. Already I know I'm not going to like today."- A
Reverend Poole-
Poole is not really the real reverend Poole, he is another person like A. The difference between A and Poole is that A only stays in the body for one day and then changes but Poole has found some way to occupy one particular body for as long as he wishes. In other words Reverend Poole is using his powers for evil instead of good.
The High school:
This is the school that Rhiannon and Justin attend. It is significant because when A wakes up in a different body and wants to find or contact Rhiannon he can easily find her at the high school.
Alexanders Tree House:
The tree house is significant because it is where the resolution of the story takes place.
It's a place that Alexander and his friends use it as a rehearsal space , his parents don't ever go up there, so it is like his way of getting away from his troubles in the real world and just enjoying time as it passes.
The bookstore:
The book store is significant because A and Rhiannon needed a normal place where they could meet each other.
Dynamic Character:
A is a dynamic character because he is constantly struggling against himself because of what he is. He isn't able to make friendships that last longer than a day and now he is being confronted with falling in love. A doesn't know much about how he came to be and he doesn't have a mother or father to look up to therefore he has no one to guide him so he has to fend for himself.
Alexander is one of the people that A wakes up as. A knows from the start that he likes being in this body and life and he believes that if he was a normal human he would be a lot like Alexander himself.
"As the day progresses, I can't help but feel that Alexander is the kind of person I try to be." -A
the beach-
In the beginning of the story A (in the body of Justin) takes Rhiannon on a date to the beach. This is a symbol of wanting to get away. The beach is at the edge of the ocean which is as far away as A can go from where he is. Both A and Rhiannon want to escape or get away from something.
A's email-
this is A's way of communicating with people he has meet throughout his life. The email can represent both hope and attachment, because with out the email account A would never get in contact with anyone from the past and he would just continue life trying to not mess up someone elses.
She is a symbol of everything that A wants but isn't able to have. She is some one who is able to have a relationship that lat longer than a day and she is a person who is able to love and care for someone the way A wishes he could.
Memorable Quotes-
"I can't block out the temptation that Poole offered. If I could stay in this life, would I?"-A

This quote was memorable because it shows how A really isn't sure what he should do. He doesn't know for sure if he should trust Reverend Poole even though he has a strong feeling that he shouldn't.
"If you stare at the center of the universe, there is a coldness there. A blankness. Ultimately, the universe doesn't care about us. Time doesn't care about us. That's why we have to care about each other." -A

This is a memorable quote because A is expressing that if you think about it, there is no one else that we have besides each other to care and love us.
" When first love ends, most people eventually know there will be more to come. They are not through with love. Love is not through with them. It will never be the same as the first, but it will be better in different ways. I have no such consolation. This is why I cling so hard. This is why this is so hard." -A

This quote is memorable because A is coming to terms with the fact that he may not be able to ever have a real genuine relationship with anyone, including Rhiannon. He is saying that because he knows he can't have it he clings so hard to every bit of love that he can get and gives as much as he can back.
The main theme that is illustrated throughout the book is about relationships and friendships. In the story A struggles with both of these and proves how great a true friend can be and how we should cherish and take care of the ones we love and those who love us.
Did You Know?
The author of
Every day
, David Levithan has collaborated with John Green, Brian Selznick, Johnathan Farmer, and Rachel Cohn.
David Levithan has a double major in English and political science.
His first book was
Boy Meets Boy
, published in 2003.
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