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No description

Ahmed Abdulwahab

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Lasers

Light.Amplification.by.Stimulated. Emission.of.Radiation.

Uses Quantum mechanics.

Generates a form of precise light.

Controls the “excited” atoms release of photons.

What Is a Laser?
Step One Step Two

How Does a Ruby Laser Work?

Step Three Step Four
Laser used in Eye Surgery!
Cd Players Use Lasers to Read Info!
Barcode Scanner Uses Laser to Scan!
Laser Cutting Through Thick Metal!
Lasers Used In Construction!
Spectrometer Searches for Life in Space!
How Do Spectrometers Work
1. Passes light through gas.

2. Gas absorbs certain colour or wavelength.

3.Reflects off distant rock and returns to sensor to be identified.

History Of The Laser!
1917 1958

1954 1960
Theorized process of "Stimulated Emission"
Invented the MASER!

(microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation)
The first person to use the word "laser".
Invented the first Ruby Laser
Thank You For Listening!
Presentation Done By: Ahmed Abdulwahab
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