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Close Reading

No description

Judy Record

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Close Reading

But what did he do? Meeting the Challenges of Common Core Key Ideas and Details Close Reading English Language Arts Craft and Structure
Reading Themes / Categories Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Read Challenging Text Text difficulty is specified in the standards
This means that children in grades 2-12 will be asked to read more challenging text (which means that we have to teach more challenging text than we have in the past) Close Reading Close Reading Many Versions of Close Reading Text Feature/Support Strategy Pre-reading Rule 1: The candle has to be worth the game
• Pre-reading can be/seem endless
• Limit pre-reading
• Text length dictates brevity (it is not the length of the “close
• It should be no longer than the reading itself
reading experience” that matters, but the length of the text
itself) Rule 2: Let the author do the talking
• Try not to reveal too much information from the text
• If an idea is explained in the text, then it ought not to be in
the pre-reading Close Reading Rule 3: Give students enough information that they have a
reason to read. How did his neighbor react?
Why? How did the neighbors feel about the splot?
Why? What did they do about it? How did they think Mr. Plumbean felt about
it? Conclusion of First Read Why did they think that? Why did CCSS go there? Why does he do this? The neighbors were upset… so
what did Mr. Plumbmean do?
Why did the neighbors pretend not
to notice? When the neighbors asked him what he
had done, what is his response?
What does that mean? Why was the man there?
What happened?
Why did the man do that?
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