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No description

Isabelle Jasso

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Tangled

Meeting a Soul Mate:
Crossing the Return Threshold:
Flynn Rider
Flynn Rider meets Rapunzel as he was trying to escape from a theft, he falls into her tower. Rapunzel then hits him with a pan to keep him unconscious until after her mother leaves. Rapunzel the bribes Flynn Rider to take her to see the floating lights then she will return the crown.
After they both realize that she is the missing princess he helps her escape her step-mother by cutting her magical hair so that she can no longer use it to keep her young.
Home Culture

Mother Gothel doesn't want Rapunzel to ever leave tower
Mother makes Rapunzel believe that living locked up in the tower is normal and that the outside world is evil and filled with bad people
Master of two Worlds:
Rapunzel's hair glows and heals people.
and her frying pan helps fight people
Leaving home and
going to the
“Snuggly Duckling”
Entering the Belly
of the Whale

Rapunzel fights her step-mother and tries to escape the tower because after she goes to see the floating lanterns she realizes that she is the missing princess. And her step-mother only wanted to keep her in the tower so that she can use her magical hair to keep her young.

Rapunzel jumps the window and escapes her tower to start her journey in the outside world.
Crossing the First Threshold
The Cave

Road of Trials
Call To Adventure
Flynn Rider climbs up and goes into Rapunzel's tower
Rapunzel is also interested in seeing the floating lanterns
Refusal of the call:
Atonement (A father figure):
Gothel is Rapunzel's mother figure. She does use Rapunzel for her hair. But she also protects her from the outside world even if it was for her own benefit.
Rapunzel Believes that she cant leave because
she has to take care of her mother and also her mother taught her that the outside world is filled with bad people.
Flynn rider cuts Rapunzels hair and they escape and go back to the castle. She reunites with her parents and becomes the princess again and the whole town rejoices.
Rapunzel then has to learn how to live as a princess.
Rapunzel re4fuses to leave and tells her mother Gothel that she thinks Flynn likes her and her mom convinces her that Flynn is a bad guy and he will be executed.
Refusing The Return
Supernatural Aid
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