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Preventing Neural Tube Defects in Chile

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Casey Wadsworth

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Preventing Neural Tube Defects in Chile

Preventing Neural Tube Defects in Chile
Chile: Disabilities as a Health Priority
Second highest rate of disability prevalence
Health advances have seen major advances in infectious diseases but not long-term disabilities
Fortification of foods with folic acid has been identified as one of the most viable at preventing congenital anomalies
An Ounce of Prevention
Health care costs for defects during the neonatal period represent the single largest demand on health care
Insurance plans rarely cover expenses
Proposed preventative measure: Fortifying wheat flour with folic acid was very inexpensive
Impact of the Fortification Program
Casey Wadsworth
Tom McGee
Lloyd Teasely

Neural Tube Defects
2nd most common congenital malformation
Affect 300,000 newborns worldwide
Occur in the first 28 days of pregnancy: incomplete development of the brain
Birth defects affect 10-20% of children

Two types: Anencephaly and Spina Bifida
Anencephaly: stillborn
Spina bifida: Extensive medical care costs
Neural Tube Defects
Prevention Strategy
Cost Effectiveness
A success built on Partnership
Discussion Question:
Why are rates so high for congenital malformations?
Prevention is KEY!
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