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The Present Perfect Tense

How to form and conjugate the present perfect tense in Spanish.

Ellen Curry

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of The Present Perfect Tense

The Present Perfect Definition: has/have verbed How do you form the present perfect? Haber + past participle How do you conjugate haber in the present? yo he
tú has
el ha
nosotros hemos
vosotros habéis
ellos han What is the past participle in AR? ER? IR? AR - ado
ER/IR - ido What do you do if there's a double vowel? If this double vowel ends in ER or IR, the past participle is ído. If this verb ends in AR, the past participle is still ado. The irregulars are:
Abrir (to open) - abierto
Cubrir (to cover) - cubierto
Descubrir (to discover) - descubierto
Escribir (to write) - escrito
Morir (to die) - muerto
Poner (to put) - puesto
Romper (to break) - roto
Ver (to see) - visto
Volver (to return) - vuelto
Decir (to say/to tell) - dicho
Hacer (to make/to do) - hecho
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