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Alternative Fuels

No description

Ben Weaver

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels Craig Cagle
Troy Collins
Mudra Sanghvi
Ben Weaver Tree Huggers Tech Rebuild campus vehicles to be compatible with diesel
In smaller vehciles implement an electronic conversion kit
PLan 75gal deluxe biodiesel converter with drywash Electronic Kit Converter Diesel Trucks 7 - pre 99 Ford Diesel conversion Kits: $4000 each with motor
2 – post 99 Ford – $3600 each with motor
Total cost: $35,200 Electronic Vehicles 3 - light duty truck kits
3 - small car kits
10 - light vehicle kits
Total cost: $49,000 INstallation and cost Total for all kits: $83,860
Additional parts and labor done by mechanical students: $10,000
Grand Total: $93,855
Biodiesel production system: $6,495
Grand total w/ Biodiesl syst: $100,355
Why a biodiesel kit Help the environment instead of hurt it.
Save money. Sometimes more than $3.00/gallon in savings
Make engines run better, longer and cleaner.
Stop relying on foreign oil companies and cartels.
Convert your local crops into renewable fuel.

Conclusion With the use of the biodiesel production system our plan nearly eliminates all gasoline consumption at SPSU
With SPSU's current fuel budget of $18,000, it would take five and a half years to pay for all systems and implementation costs.
Thank you for your time
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