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Banning Books, should or shouldn't we

This is part 3 of my assignment for English 5.11

Mallory Richardson

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Banning Books, should or shouldn't we

Books should not be banned because that would be taking away a freedom that everyone should have. Some people say that they are doing the right thing by banning books. But all they are doing is making people think that it is not okay to read and to write.
Instead of banning books we should be encouraging people to read them instead of deciding if they should or shouldn't be read. The books are not ours to ban, they belong to the author. The author wrote his or her book for a reason, to be read- not banned.
In conclusion, people should be more focused on reading books and writing them, then making sure no one will read them because they do not like them or approve their message. The words are not ours to control. We just have to let people to decide for themselves if they want to read the book or not.
It is believed that some books should be banned because they send a bad message. But who are we to judge what is good or bad. We're not, everyone will have to decide for themselves. If we try to take something away from someone such as a book or a magazine simply because we view it as "bad", what does that make us?
Mallory Richardson
Banning Books, should or shouldn't we?
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