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Eastern Woodlands native American tribe

Daniel Ahn

on 29 September 2010

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Transcript of Iroquois

T I i I i d iI iIr I Iroiasdfjaslkdfjhggggg The Iroquois The houses were 20 ft wide and 200 ft long. Housing They added a part whenever
a married couple came
to make the house longer. Food The Iroquios thought
that corn, squash, and
beans were special foods.They were called the "Three Sisters". For meat they ate
deer, moose, bears,
and turkeys. They also ate fish,
such as salmon and
trout. They also ate
berries, nuts,
and wild roots. Music/Art The Iroqouis also
made and still are
making paintings
of famous iroquois
indians. They made
sculptures out
of wood, rock,
clay, and bone. Social Conditions The Iroquois had
a government
called the Iroquois
Confederacy or
the Iroquois League. The Iroquois lived
in five tribes called the
Five Nations. They are
the Mohawk, Oneida
Onondaga, Cayuga,
and the Seneca. The Iroquois mostly lived in villages. Iroquois music was
often religious and
insturments including
flutes, drums, rattles
and voices are some
of the most popular. Women were more
authorized than men.
Their job was to make
sure things were running
smoothly and prepare
festivals. They also had
to care for plants, animals
and babies Clothing Men usually wore
a kastoweh, which
is a feathered hat.
They also used to
wear shirts, sashes,
bibs, kilts, leggings,
a breech cloth, and
moccasins The men's roles
were usually hunting and
fighting but some
people such as the
medicine man who is
like a doctor to the tribe
or elders stay at home Women wore dresses,
skirts, and leggings. Bibliography The information on food was from
http://www.ic.arizona.edu/ic/kmartin/School/iroqh.htm The information on clothing was from
http://www.tuscaroras.com/graydeer/pages/childrenspage.htm The information on social conditions was from
http://www.factmonster.com/ce6/society/A0825512.html The information about the arts was from
www.iroquoismuseum.org/ve2.htm The End
You WELCOME! They lived in longhouses.
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