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Roles in government, capitalism, socialism, and communism

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sandra ordaz

on 30 August 2015

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Transcript of Roles in government, capitalism, socialism, and communism

Roles of governments in capitalism, socialism, and communism
government's role:

to issue levi taxes, currency, and borrowed money
to maintain order and stability
to provide public and private goods the society requres


they compete with other companies for buissness
they start companies when using their money
they buy public pr private goods from income they have

countries with capitalism:

new zealand
government's role:

make wise investments and become financially succesful
being informed in factors that can be affected
have responsibility in seeing welfare of their citizens and expending resources to them


socialist labor party
the label market
economic freedom

countries in socialism

republic ot china
republic of cuba
republic of vietnam
government's role:

to control everything for you like what kind of worker you should be, what you can and can't do, etc
owning everything including buissnesses

government involvment:

everything controlled
they have ownership to everything

countries in communism

north korea
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