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Senior Exit Interview

No description

Elyse Featheringill

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Senior Exit Interview

Senior Exit Interview Hello,
my name is
Elyse Featheringill Future! I am a senior at NPHS Involvement Freshman Year Varsity Track
Beginners Choir
Student Council Secretary
J.V football Cheerleading
Varsity Basketball Cheerleading
Youth Group Sophomore Year: Varsity Track
Advanced Women's Choir
Student Council Secretary
J.V Football Cheerleading
Varsity Basketball Cheerleading
Youth Group Junior Year Advanced Women's Choir/ Dance Captain
Fall Musical (Zombie Prom)
Prom Committee
Student Council Secretary
Youth Group Senior Year Advanced Women's Choir/ Dance Captain
Student Council Secretary
YMCA Activity Director
Youth Group I plan to attend a fashion college next fall I will major in Fashion Merchandise After receiving my bachelors degree I plan to have a career as a Fashion Coordinator Thank You! Thank you to those of you who have helped me these last few years and to others for taking time out of your day to come out today to hear me present. These last four years of high school I have grown and figured out who I truly am. No matter how scary growing up may be I know New Palestine High School has prepared me to be able to take on the rest of the world. Accomplishments Personal best at every event each meet in track State attender for Show Choir in 2011 Fifth place at state for Show Choir in 2012 Most improved award Freshman year in cheerleading Dance Captain for Show Choir the last two years Being apart of and making a difference in Student Council
for the past four years. (Fundraisers, homecoming, school beautification projects, pep rallies...ect.) Fifth place at state for Show Choir in 2013 Expected Results 1.) 2.) 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) English 9th grade: Literary Terms Algebra 1 9th Grade: Phone Book Activity Algebra 2 11th Grade: Quadratics Project A mastery of skills necessary to gather and process information and to effectively communicate information and ideas The ability to acquire and apply content of core subjects (math, science, language arts, and social studies) as a vehicle for development of the creative and critical thinking necessary for making informed decisions and for continued learning. Knowledge of their own and other cultures needed to become involved and responsible citizens of their community, state, and world. Spanish 1: Mi Vida Desktop Publishing: Prezi Develop values that are common and expected in society and the workplace, ex.: honesty, dependability, responsibility, cooperation, courtesy, and the desire to learn. Computer Applications: Charity PowePoint Desktop Publishing: Calendar Develop a knowledge and appreciation of the fine arts. Art 2-D 9th Grade: Big Ben Print Making Acquire the skills necessary to be successful in their chosen life roles and to function as life- long learners. Health 10th Grade: How to Survive Prezi A.P Lit: Behind the Words Art 2-D 9th Grade: George Braque Bio Be the Beowulf: Prezi SHOWCASE!
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