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The Piano Guys

No description

Josiah England

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of The Piano Guys

The Piano Guys
The Story of The Piano Guys
It all started 2 years ago with a man named Paul Anderson (producer). He had a shop called The Piano Guys (the store sold pianos, of course). He started making YouTube videos because he had seen videos that had 20,000 comments (or something like that-you get the idea)!One day, somebody named Jon Schmidt (pianist) came into his shop to get a piano for a concert he had. Paul and Jon became friends and started making YouTube videos. Then, a 15 year old boy named Steven (Steve) Sharp Nelson (cellist/multi-instrumentalist) met Jon, and started joining Jon at concerts Jon had. Another man named Al van der Beek (yes, that's how you spell his name) showed up at Steve's house to help him move (probably because Steve was going to be his neighbor). They became friends, and started writing songs together. Al had studio skills (which makes since because he had an studio in his house), and was a great songwriter (like Paul, Steve, and Jon) . An employee at The Piano Guys named Tel Stewart was an amazing videography, and could make several Steve's in videos and could make Steve's bow a lightsaber in 'Cello Wars'!! Tel quit though. And what do you get when they all got together? The Piano Guys!!!!
The Piano Guy's Website and Who Does What
The Piano Guys have their own website called, of course, The Piano Guys.com.! You can get their albums and watch their videos on their website. Just to let you know, Paul is the producer and videographer (so he is not in 99.99 of their videos) Al is the music producer and a songwriter, (My mom and dad went to one of their concerts and loved it! Here is a picture of them with Paul, Steve, Jon, and Al.
The Piano Guys have tons of videos! I think that their videotaping, their music, and how they do their videos is amazing!! Some of their videos are, 'Cello Wars', which has 2 Steve's and both Steve's have lightsabers as bows, Angels We Have Heard on High, when all of The Piano Guys pluck the strings of a grand piano, beat on it, and play it to make a beautiful version of Angels We Have Heard on High!! Here is one of their earliest videos (it has Tel Stewart in it) called What Makes You Beautiful. Even though I don't like the actual song, but how they do it is amazing.
The Piano Guy's Videos and Who Does What
Do you like The Piano Guys? I think they are an awesome group. Check out their website and if you copy and paste this address:
you will be where you would be if you typed in 'the piano guys' into YouTube. They have tons of videos! I hope you like it!
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