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No description

Michele Frager

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of i202

Problem Solution Class Themes Pros Cons Bad WEather IU Doesnt Cancel class Danger! Michele Frager
Lindsay Thompson
Brittney Jones Bad Weather Sociotechnical Network cancelled class Sociotechnical Network Technologies Have politics dedicated students assumes access Sawyers 5 findings Benefit some more than others internet access personal computer dedicated students Moral and Ethical Consequences guidelines administrators professors dorm employees programmers AI's other campus staff students bus drivers technology webcams cars buses cell phones computers computers labs library internet meteorologists roads paths sidewalks thermometers snow plows comfort safety campus advisors Scenario January 28, 2009 Professor Winston Bus a100 at 8am shoveling snow at 6:30 neighbor offers ride at 7:40 electa live oncourse iu emergency alert system it training workshops grants convenience quality of learning price safety alternative uses price labs access to computers laziness motivation limited benefits other schools who is affected questions?
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