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thanks for watching

No description

Henry Cardinals

on 20 November 2017

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Transcript of thanks for watching

History of the world according to Lane.
What is he farthest place you have ever been from home?
Kentucky is the farthest I have been from home we went to the ark encounter there
who is your biggest hero
Yadier Molina because he is the one who is carried the cardinals for all these years
when did your family move to marshal county
In the summer of 1999
If you could go anywhere in the world were would it be?
Tokyo Japan because that is where the Godzilla movies come from.
What do you believe effected the world the most
9/11/01 911 effected the world the most because it was the start of terrorist attacks
What event effected your family the most?
WW2 most of my relatives took it among them selves to serve for the allies
what is the biggest problem facing the world today?
I think that the biggest problem we spend today is the spending by the rich we should give our money to the poor instead of spoiling our selves with tings we do not need.
who do you think is the biggest villain of alll time why?
I think kyle Shwarbert is the biggest villain because he ended up being a cub when he was destined to be a cardinal
what do you believe Americas
We should make a lot of alliances.
what do you think your responsibility is as regarding world problems
stay out!!!!!!!!!!!!!cause if i get involved the situation could get worse.
The famine of clear air in china.
what event do you know most about?
world war 2 is the most I know about.
when you die what do you want your legacy to be
To be a NBA Basketball Player.
where were you born?
Peoria Illinois August thirteenth 2004
what disaster do you know most about right now?
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