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Aperture Science Inventions (Portal Series)

No description

cason hardy

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Aperture Science Inventions (Portal Series)

Aperture Science Hand Held Portal Device
The ASHHPD or Portal Gun is Aperture Science's most outstanding achievement. It has the ability to make Portals to travel to normally unreachable areas in a matter of seconds. You have to be careful though because if you go through a portal very past you will still be going very fast on the other side.
Gravity Gun
Long Fall Boots
Aperture Science started to experience humans falling to far and not surviving. So the invented the Long Fall Boots. These boots allow the wearer to fall any distance and live. This allowed testing to continue without the pain of falling to far and going splat.
Turrets are killing machines. If you go into their line of sight they may seem nice at first by greeting you with a hello. The are filled with bullets and according to Aperture Science they use 100% more bullet per bullet.
Aperture Science Inventions (Portal Series)
Testing Cubes
Aperture Science has invented different kinds of testing cubes. The weighted storage cube is used to way down buttons and block lasers. The companion cube is used to be with you during a whole level and can weigh down buttons and block lasers. The edgeless safety cube is used to go into special holders for them so they don't roll out.
The Gravity Gun is in fact one of Aperture Science's inventions. A rival science group known as Black Mesa stole the Gravity Gun and claimed it was their invention. The Gravity gun has the ability to pick up objects and throw them. It can also push objects around and with enough force can eliminate a living creature. The Gravity Gun can become charged and become more powerful and move bigger and harder to move objects with the ability to pick up a creature and throw it with enough force to hit another creature and eliminate it.
High Concentrated Energy Pellets
High Concentrated Energy Pellets are very dangerous. You do not under any circumstances want to come into contact with one. They are used to solve some tests by placing them into their holder to provide power for a door.
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