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All about Sycamore

6th grade classroom presentations

veronica alvarez

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of All about Sycamore

What we are proud of...
more about junior high
Home of Buccy Pride!
Sycamore Junior High
99 point increase in API in last 5 years
Small classes: 25 to 1 ratio
Strong Honors Program
Only school with a Dual Language Academy
Strong Spanish program (district model)
Outstanding and large elective program
Tiger Woods Learning Center
Project SAY
Anaheim Achieves
Girls Inc
Anaheim Ice
Fullerton College
STEM program
Extra Curricular Activities
Community Partnerships
Grades and Testing
+/- Consequences
Rigorous Academic Program
Support Programs
Academics First Program (AFP)
Homework club
Strong student support program: RTI (district model)
Strong Parent Involvement program (district model)
Parent and student support from on-site counseling and community liaison
Homework Club
College Club
Morning and after school Sports
National Junior Honor Society
Bridges United
Silver club
Anime club
Anaheim Achieves
Girls Inc.
Girls Club with GRIP program
Means to…
be Prepared
be Respectful
have Integrity
be Diligent
be Engaged
Last items
Return paperwork by deadline
Registration packets will be mailed in August
Registration in mid-August, otherwise you may lose your chosen elective
Transportation: if eligible, information will be available during registration
Important information about immunizations, see flyer
Campus tours for parents will be available every Friday from 8:15 to 9:30 AM
Open House on March 12 at 6 pm
If applying for a transfer, you must do so by April 1st at the district office.
We are great because of students like you!
Girls Activities

Season 1 (Quarter 1)
Season 2 (Quarter 2)
Season 3 (Quarter 3)
Cross Country
Season 4 (Quarter 4)
Boys Activities

Season 1 (Quarter 1)
Flag Football
Season 2 (Quarter 2)
Season 3 (Quarter 3)
Cross Country
Season 4 (Quarter 4)
What does Sycamore Junior High look like?
8:00 am to 2:30 pm
4 minute passing period to walk from class to class
Students must wear uniform
2 different lunches, no recess
2 semesters per year
7 classes
You will receive a planner/agenda
Intensive Literacy
Math intervention classes
Behavioral Learning Skills classes
English for Academic Purposes or English Language Mainstream classes (English support classes)
Academics First Program (AFP) - afterschool
Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Tutoring
RTI-Services are provided as needed
Behavior Academy
Intervention classes/opportunities
Numbers vs. Letters
State testing scores are crucial for placement
Access to grades via Aeries, email address necessary to log in
Class schedule/GPA
Class Grade Points
English A 4
Math B+ 3
History C 2
Science A 4
PE A 4
Elective C 2
Elective B 3
Free dress day
Award assemblies and ceremonies
Buccy passes
front of the line or jeans day
Bumper stickers
No dances
Add the points together and divide by 7 (number of classes (22 ÷ 7 = 3.14)
lunch with friends
classes with friends
mean (strict) teachers
What are you excited/worried about?
What will your experience be like?
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