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SMART Learning Implimentation Strategy

No description

Mike Gunn

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of SMART Learning Implimentation Strategy

Foundations Rationale Phase 1 Phase 2 Results Phase Four Issues to address Research into
Similar schemes
Similar school programmes
SMART Learning pioneers
Technical requirements
Increase student motivation
Stop students relying on teachers
Promote independence and inquiry
Allow for personalisation
Remove the ceiling from over highly motivated students' heads
Get students ready for the demands of the future workplace Finham Park School
SMART Learning Programme Teacher Activation Phase (MG)
Teacher experimentation: Single class trials
Student voice to measure initial impact
"Dangerous Teaching" TAlK Group
Broader Sixth Form trial
Opening of wifi to Sixth Formers Student Activation Phase (JB)
Internet Safety Day
Students devise Acceptable Use Policy
Collaborative document formulated through PHSE (annually reviewed)
Elaborated by Baraza
Digital Leadership training
DLs trained to assist with departments' pedagogical needs Increasing student independence
Increasing student motivation
Decreasing "Teacher-talk"
Teachers more focused on individual interventions
Clearer individual student progress
Students engage in meta-cognitive discussions about devices as tools for learning
Mobile Technology invisible The right Infrastructure
Bandwidth capacity
Access points coverage Training for all students
Training for all staff
"Open Lessons" for parents to see how devices are being used eductionally, to help them see what devices might best support their child
lesson videos accessible on website?
DLs attached to departments
Devices used as and when they contribute substantially to the learning process Amber Phase
Limited class trials by Dangerous teachers with selected groups
SMART Learning Days led by "Dangerous Teachers"
Training of further teachers interested in developing SMART Learning
Support from DLs
Open wifi network for SMART Learning days
Finalised Acceptable Use Policy Phase Three Foundations Behaviour management issues
Support for staff who can't manage behaviour
Issue of trackable student portfolios to make marking, progress and feedback easy and obvious to OFSTED
Universal access points coverage
Parental engagement and concerns about safety of equipment in schools
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