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My Specialized Pedicure Assignment

No description

Ashley Nickerson

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of My Specialized Pedicure Assignment

My Specialized Pedicure Assignment
There will be two packages clients can choose from
*If they do not like either scent, they of course can have the scent they prefer. The types of exfoliant/lotion are what make the packages different*
What is my advertising strategy?
Two ways I will be advertising this special service and my products along with the service are as follows:
A brochure
My website that will also be linked to facebook. (My website would be one I already made, this will be a special event on it).
What is my special service?
For the month of February I will be offering a unique pedicure service in regards to Valentine's Day.
What is included in my pedicure service?
This special service will include:
A basic pedicure, including polish
An exfoliation treatment
A foot and leg massage
A paraffin wax treatment
Package one includes chocolate scented exfoliant
A product by Dr. Renaud, this chocolate scented exfoliant is used during the exfoliation treatment. It has deep moisturizing properties, smooths and tones the skin, and has a lasting scent.
Package two includes cinnamon heart scented exfoliant
Another product by Dr. Renaud, it not only has a deep exfoliating affect, but also helps open the pores to allow the product and moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin. Causing a light tingly feeling, this product also stimulates the blood flow and increases circulation.(Not for clients who have diabetes or any other blood circulatory issues).
A little extra something
All clients will go home with a complimentary gift bag containing:
Chocolate truffles
A miniature cuticle oil bottle
A thank you card
The Brochure
It will be mailed out to all of my clients, friends and family, etc.
It will include how I would merchandise my products for my clients.
It will include WHAT the special service is, WHERE the spa is located, WHO would benefit from this service, WHEN the special is going on and WHY clients would benefit from this special service.
It will include the "Limited time only" products(what they are and the benefits of them).
It will include a sample("scratch&sniff").
It will have an inviting catch phrase to lure clients into my spa.
The website
It will have a Valentines Day theme.
It will be linked to facebook for more advertisement.
It will include WHAT the special service is, WHERE the spa is located, WHEN the special is going on, WHO would benefit from it and WHY.
It will include the products I will be merchandising for my clients.
It will include the "limited time only" products being used in the special.
It will have pictures for visual appeal.
What are two products I will retail along with my service?
To go along with the exfoliant, I will retail two deep moisturizing lotions for clients. One will be chocolate scented, one will be cinnamon heart scented.
Chocolate Scented Deep Moisturizer
This moisturizer warms the skin on contact, opening the pores to let it penetrate deeper into the skin. It is a product by Dr. Renaud.
Cinnamon heart scented deep moisturizer
This moisturizer tingles (just like the exfoliant) helping to increase circulation. It also opens the pores to allow the moisture to penetrate deeper into the skin. (Not for clients who have diebetes or other cirulatory issues).
My two retailed products
How am i going to merchandise my products for my clients?
I will tell my clients in my brochure and on my website who the products are made by, what ingredients are in them and what benefits they have. I will also show pictures for visual appeal.
How am I going to retail these products in my salon?
I will have them on the front display of my spa.
I will have a poster for each product.
I will wear one of the scented moisturizers, and experience the exfoliant, so I am knowledgeable for client's questions.
I will have testers.
Follow these links to my brochure and website
(I only edited the main page and contact information for the assignment purposes)

All of the pictures used in the brochure, website and on my "prezi" are copy writes of google. They are not my own.
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