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Prototype and Test

Map from the prototype and test phase

Mayara Schneider

on 15 September 2013

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Transcript of Prototype and Test

... needs to find a path that allows her to pass through the education-work transition in a more enjoyable way.
+ 23 year old
+ Architecture student
Find a Job
Present résumé in a creative way
Wood Model
Autocad Archive
Paper folded to a Model
If she gets a cool job that encourages creativity and allows her to apply her knowledge she will go through the transition in a more enjoyable way.
One way to achieve this is to create an innovative résumé
Paper folded to a Model
The idea was to fold her résumé in a 3D object that could be unfolded and saved into an envelope. She could present it.
To prototype I used paper (instead of wood) to build an architecture project. The idea was to present the building as she were presenting herself. (Example: the pillars of the building represent my educational background and my personal values​​).
Wood Model
To test this, we did a role play where i was the interviewed and Bárbara was the employer. This way I could present the résumé as she would do in a real interview.
- She thinks the résumé are creative and innovative
- She believes the employer will not want to stay with the model of the building
- She likes the idea of the folded one as it shows creativity and practicality because it can be stored in the traditional format
- She liked the ideas because the résumé, as manipulable objects, creates a closer relationship with the employer
- She noticed that this presentation should be made by herself, so these formats will only serve to a live interview
- She thinks I´m very close to satisfy her needs and she said she is very excited to apply these!
During the test I was writing down her impressions and points to be considered before applying the idea.
These résumé formats are creative and innovative and as manipulable objects they create a closer relationship with the employer, but they need a live presentation to be effective. So it would be necessary to integrate a first résumé ( maybe a virtual one ) to call the employers attention.

- The Building model was a great idea but its necessary to integrate this idea to another one so the employer could store it (Paper, Prezi résumé or Autocad résumé)

- She preferred the idea of the folded one as it shows creativity and practicality because it can be stored in the traditional format

As she said, I believe I´m close to get a satisfactory solution to her problem! So I´m moving forward to these ideas. First I will consider designing a virtual résumé for her (in Prezi) then i will test again with a known employer to see if gets his attention, so I will aplly the folded model idea, as it was her favorited one.

Prototype and testing was very important to realize the aspects that i missed out and to understand the whole picture of a best solution. An idea on paper is not a real project if not tested indeed!

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