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Strange Puritan Laws

No description

Kate Pennington

on 4 November 2015

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Transcript of Strange Puritan Laws

Everything was regulated, legalism was deeply engrained in the culture
Even though they were a liberty-loving people, their civil law meddled with the citizen in his business and social relations.
Puritans don't Laugh.
Church was serious business.
They really didn’t like Christmas
A man, was fined, imprisoned, or whipped for non-attendance at church services
Image by goodtextures: http://fav.me/d2he3r8
Strange Puritan Laws
It regulated their religious affairs, it dictated their dress, and even invaded the home circle and directed their family relations.
Laws governed the way the Puritans dressed.
Wearing of short-sleeved dresses were immodest.
And above all, NO PDA!
No smoking in public.
Laws were made that tended to force the conscience, to curb the freedom of the will, and to suppress the natural exuberance of youth.
Included fines, imprisonment, pillory, stocks, whipping, hanging, tar and feathering, ears being cut off, occasionally burning
BUT some laws were just strange and make these religious people look like control freaks.
Beachcombing is illegal.
Hunting ducks is illegal.
(You might waste a shot if you miss.)
Drama/theatre, erotic poetry, and religious music, gambling, are banned.
Worldly pleasures indulged in on the Sabbath were a grave offense against both church and state.
Idleness is WRONG!
Long hair was outlawed.
Finery of dress was outlawed.
Gluttony is forbidden
Sabbath was everything
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