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Nuclear Waste Disposal

No description

Aliaa S

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Nuclear Waste Disposal

Nuclear Waste Disposal
First of all...
WHAT is Nuclear Waste?
Nuclear Power Plants fission uranium (found in pellets) to produce electricity
In a nuclear reaction, uranium splits into various smaller elements
Some of these elements in the pellets remain radioactive for thousands of years
Ontario is the home of three nuclear power generating station:
Currently, the nuclear waste (used-up pellets) are stored in a short-term facility in Bruce County
Geological Repository
most effective method that can be employed in Canada
burying it deep underground and away of human contact
can be safely contained and isolated for thousands of years
Canada already has a proposed plan...
Ontario Power Generation's Deep Geological Repository
proposed site is in Tiverton, will be located 680 metres underground
limits movement of radioactivity, as the surrounding rock is ancient and is predicted to be stable for 100, 000, 000's of years
large natural barriers isolate it from Lake Huron, preventing the likelihood of nuclear leakage from water leaching
Canadian government has been stalling
the process of operation has not started
next step is to submit the Environmental Assessment Report to the Federal Minister of the Environment
Nuclear Energy currently supplies
over 50%
of Ontario's electrical needs
Short-term Storage of Nuclear Waste
Problems with Short-term Storage
postponing a problem that will inevitably need to be dealt with
it is TEMPORARY, not built to withstand many years
leaks may occur
Space Disposal
Geological Repository
extracting useful components from nuclear waste
separates plutonium and uranium from the waste to be reused in a specific nuclear reactors
reprocessing plants can be found in France, United Kingdom, and Russia
converting a chemical element to another
changes the atomic number
can change radioactive products in waste into a less radioactive elements
Space Disposal
placing nuclear waste on a space shuttle and launching it into space, removing it from the Earth's atmosphere
however, the amount that can be carried is not sufficient
danger of a problem occuring during space shuttle launch
possibility of re-entering back as a meteorite
We need to bring awareness to this to encourage the government to continue with its proposed plan!
By: Aliaa Sidawi
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