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Interview mock-up

No description

Alexia Beswick

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Interview mock-up

Objectives of the activation............? INCREASE BRAND AWARENESS Budget

R100 k

Have an onsite McNab's Body & Bike Repair Shop at the 2010 momentum 94.7 MTB challenge. The store will stock all the McNab's products as well as offer a repair service & additional bike spares

Every rider who purchases 2 products from the onsite


will be awarded access into a VIP lounge for relaxation & recuperation after the race.
.....Where consumers can recuperate and relax after their race has finished.

PULL, NOT PUSH - McNab's Brand ambassadors will serve refreshments and subtly educate the consumers on the products. This meaningful interaction with the consumers will pull, not push, them to invite Mcnabs into their lives on a daily basis.

CONSUMER CONCERN BECOMES CONSUMER DEMAND - The Marquee will be “green” or Eco-friendly. The movement towards brands addressing social and environmental concern is gathering momentum and Mcnabs will do it's part to create awareness of the rising environmental concern.
McNab's body & bike repair shop Recap

CONSUMER INCENTIVE CONSUMER & BRAND ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN STRATEGY AIM create brand awareness, increase brand loyalty Mcnabs Body & Bike repair shop purchasing products = vip treatment at the 2010 94.7 mtb challenge CAMPAIGN INCENTIVE Brand Communications
Marketing Strategy VIP GREEN MARQUEE BRAND AWARENESS McNab's Consumer
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