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The Great Gatsby Plot Diagram

No description

Kayla Siemens

on 10 January 2015

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby Plot Diagram

The Great Gatsby Plot Diagram
• Nick goes to Tom and Daisy Buchanan's house where he meets Jordan Baker
• Learns about Tom's affair with Myrtle
• Spots Jay Gatsby standing at the end of a dock looking at the green light
Rising Action
• Tom brings Nick into the city, where he meets Myrtle
• Nick is invited to Gatsby's party
• Nick finds Gatsby at the party where Gatsby finds out that Nick and Daisy are cousins
• Gatsby invites Nick into the city where he learns about Gatsby's past life
• Nick agrees to set Daisy and Gatsby up
Falling Action
• Gatsby reveals to Nick that it was Daisy driving the car
• Gatsby takes the blame for Daisy

Rising Action
• Daisy and Gatsby start to have an affair
• Gatsby invites Tom and Daisy to a party, which she doesn't enjoy
• Nick tells Gatsby that he cannot recreate the past
• Tom starts to see that Daisy is having affair, but doesn't know with who
• Tom, Daisy, and Gatsby have a confrontation where Daisy doesn't leave Tom for Gatsby
• Daisy hits Myrtle driving Gatsby's car because she thinks it is Tom
Falling Action
• Tom tells Gatsby to leave town so he doesn't get caught
• Gatsby waits outside of Daisy's window, but he realizes she doesn't need help
•George Wilson, Myrtle's husband kills Gatsby when he figures out, with Tom's help, that he killed Myrtle
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