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Kris Johnston

on 1 August 2018

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Transcript of Punctuation

Remember, punctuation saves lives!
In contractions
Use to set off a list, a long quotation or an explanation
Dash, Hyphen and Parentheses
Dash: use for dramatic effect
Between two independent thoughts (think "fixing run ons"!)
Quotation Marks
Set off or mark the EXACT words of another speaker or writer.
My Dear Pat,
The dinner we shared the other night -- it was absolutely lovely! Not in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine anyone as perfect as you are. Could you -- if only for a moment--think of our being together forever? What a cruel joke to have you come into my life only to leave again; it would be heaven denied. The possibility of seeing you again makes me giddy with joy. I face the time we are apart with great sadness.
P.S.: I would like to tell you that I love you. I can't stop thinking that you are one of the prettiest women on earth.
My Dear,
Pat the dinner we shared the other night. It was absolutely lovely -- not! In my wildest dreams, could I ever imagine anyone? As perfect as you are, could you -- if only for a moment -- think? Of our being together forever: what a cruel joke! To have you come into my life only to leave again: it would be heaven! Denied the possibility of seeing you again makes me giddy. With joy I face the time we are apart.
With great "sadness,"
P.S.: I would like to tell you that I love you. I can't. Stop thinking that you are one of the prettiest women on earth.
It is not just about following the rules of proper grammar; it is about clear communication!
A woman without her man is nothing.
A. Outside the Academy Awards theater, the announcer called the guests names as they arrived.

B. Outside the Academy Awards theater, the announcer called the guests’ names as they arrived.
A. As a child, I lived in Lake Worth, which is close to Palm Beach and Alaska.

B. As a child, I lived in Lake Worth, which is close to Palm Beach, and Alaska.
A. Leave your paper and hand in the dissecting kit.

B. Leave your paper, and hand in your dissecting kit.
A. We should leave Ted. These fumes might be poisonous.

B. We should leave, Ted. These fumes might be poisonous.
The power of punctuation…
Palm Beach
A study conducted showed more men said:
A woman, without her man, is nothing.

While more women said:
A woman: without her, man is nothing.
But, actually, it saves confusion--which means your message is clear to the reader.
Show ownership or possession
Combine two words into a new word--use the apostrophe where the letter comes out, even if it is not between the words being combined.
I + am = I'm
It + is = it's
Could + not = couldn't
Do + not = don't NOT do'nt
In place of whole phrases that show ownership, use the possessive apostrophe
the jacket of Tony
the gas station owned by John

Tony's jacket
John's gas station
These are the worst parts of working at McDonald's: the hours, the other workers and the pay.
Long Quotation:
My sister explained it this way: "When you need to have the tires rotated, you just have to bite the bullet and get it done. No matter how much it costs; it is that important."
There are two types of classes: active classes and passive classes
The wrong kind!
The right kind!
Also used in a series where there are commas used
The circus is wonderful; I can't wait to see it again.
The winners were Julie Waters, Glendale Community College; Beth Smith, Phoenix College; Emma Watson, Grand Canyon University; and Roberto Gonzalez, Northern Arizona University.
use for compound adjectives

use for splitting words at the end of a line of type
The package finally arrived--badly damaged.
The jeans were mud-caked from the day at the lake.
The eight-legged critters make me jumpy.
When Josh lifted the hood of his car, he realized one of the radi-ator hoses had broken.
Parentheses: set off extra information from the rest of the sentence
Homework for Friday is to read the chapter about Quotation marks (pages 536-542).
Mark Twain once wrote, "The more I know about human beings, the more I like my dog."
Only mark EXACTLY what the original says.

NOT: Sheila doesn't want to come, "she said so."
NOT: Sheila said, "she doesn't want to come."
CORRECT: Sheila said, "I don't want to come."
Set off or mark title of short works.
I just love the poem "Good fences make good neighbors" by Robert Frost.
Mark nicknames and special terms.
Alex Rodriguez, "A-Rod," is a famous baseball player.
Bethany "Know-it-all" Johnston loves to play Trivial Pursuit.

Some people have trouble remembering the difference between "there" and "their."
The mysterious S

If the word the apostrophe needs to be added to already ends in an S, add an apostrophe only.

My neighbor's house is beautiful.
(One neighbor; her house.)

My neighbors' houses are beautiful.
(Several neighbors; each neighbor has a house.)
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