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Music Composition Project Grade 4

Who We Are

Ms. Lau

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Music Composition Project Grade 4

Grade 4 'Who We Are' Create your own music compositions! STEP 1 Write your time signatures! Step 2 Write down the notes on staff paper! Step 3 Step 4 Play it from the score and ask yourself,

Does it sound right?
Are you missing any notes?
Did you write down a different rhythm
from your original tune? Step 5 REPEAT EVERYTHING AGAIN to create
new material for your song! It will make sure you have the right number of beats in each measure. Add rhythm and make sure you have the correct number of beats in each measure! Project Outline Compose on the xylophone a piece of music that represents YOU.

Begin by creating a "question" for your piece that is 8 beats long, followed by an "answer" that is also 8 beats long.

Make sure you follow these steps to write down your music accurately!
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