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Assisstive Technologies

No description

Maycee Proyalde

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Assisstive Technologies

Technology Mid-tech High -tech Assistive Technologies Moderately priced, easy to operate
electronic device Low-techRelatively expensive devices that contain microcomputer components for storage and retrieval of information Examples of Mid-tech
Tape or digital recorders
Electronic dictionaries or organizers
Audio books
Special lighting or acoustical treatments
Adapted keyboards
Audible word scanning devices Any piece of equipment
used by a person
with a disability
to increase, maintain,
or improve his or her
functional capabilities. Definition of
Technology Types of
Technology Low-tech
High-tech Low-tech Low-cost, typically non electronic devices Examples of Low-tech
Adapted furniture, tools, or utensils
Raised-line, colored, or grid paper
Correction tape or pens
Highlighter tape or pens
Manual communication boards
Large print books
Line guides
Pencil grips k Examples of High-tech
Talking calculators or word processors
Word prediction, graphic organizer, or flowchart software
On–screen math, computer calculations
Communications device/software
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