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Programming and Marketing Presentation for RA Training 2011

No description

Chris Woods

on 11 September 2011

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Transcript of Programming and Marketing Presentation for RA Training 2011

Programming and Marketing Building-Wide Programs Types of Programs How to program and
tips for marketing! Final Thoughts
or Questions? Piggyback program:
-a program outside of the building, usually facilitated by another on campus

Passive Program
-A program in which you provide information on a resource, office, or topic

Floor Program
-floor funds ($2 per resident per quarter)

LC community program

Building-wide program
-utilizing SHAB budget
-SHAB and special projects

Educational Program

Diversity Program

Floor dinner

Community kick-off
-an event that introduces the group to the community and is a general fun event -How many of you actually look at the plain paper flyers in your elevator lobbies?

-How can we be creative with marketing?
-3-D publicity
-Hand-made flyers
-Some examples!
-other examples?

Brainstorm Session!! RA Training 2011 Marketing Why is it important to program??

What makes a good program?? P.A.D.D.E
-Purpose: Need, Personal Interest, Student interest, Gain
-A plan: Conflicts, Money Request, Advertising, Supplies, Academics (Personal), Timing
-Diversify: Types of programs, Advertising, Creativity
-Details: Money/Receipts, Follow up, Location, Reminders
-Evaluate: Feel, Money, Attendance, Feedback, Do it again?
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