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The Slugging Average

No description

Kelsey Heddin

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of The Slugging Average

/ AB The Slugging Averages (68)+(80)+(12)+(64)/320
= .7 Find the slugging average for a player with the following statistics:
S= 68
D= 40
T= 4
HR= 16
AB= 320 No, the highest record isnt that close to 1. Is it possible to have a slugging average of more than 1? The highest possible so far is .863 and it would be very difficult to achieve this but it is possible. Theoretically, what is the highest possible value for the slugging average? Could a player ever achieve this value during a baseball season? Give an example or explain why none exist. the highest member of singles you can have without exceeding .700 is 106 What is the maximum number of singles this player could have with a slugging average between .500 and .700? for the MLB some of the top averages are Miguel Cabrera with .602, Ryan Braun with .602, and Josh Hamiliton with .586 Research clugging averages of some current day professional baseball players. S= 70
AB=400 (70)+(2x42)+(3x6)+(4x18)/ 400 = .610
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