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The settlement of Australia.

No description

Nicola Kokoszka

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The settlement of Australia.

What was the Industrial revolution?
The Industrial Revolution was where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transport, and technology had a profound effect on the socioeconomic and cultural conditions starting in the UK then through the world.

How did it effect ordinary people?
The Industrial revolution effected people by changes like migration due to the living & working conditions.

The Industrial Revolution.
American Revolution.
What was the American Revolution?
The American Revolution was a revolution in 1775 which was known as the 'War of Independence.' The American colonialists were fighting the British army.

What impact did it have on the british prison system?
The impact was to be more strict with whom they open their countries to.

Thanks for watching!
Created by Nicola Kokoszka
What sort of crimes were committed?
There were many crimes committed such as robbery, pickpocketing goods worth more than one shilling, forgery, cutting trees and protesting.

How did the authorities react to the rising crime rate?
It took a short time before the authorities started by making day and night watch. Soon after their strategy failed they had to take drastic action which included prison and even sent to death.

What were the conditions of prison like?
The condition of prison was very brutal, cold dark and very strict.

Is there a link between the crime rate and the Industrial revolution?
Partially, protesting played a role in the link.

Nicola Kokoszka
The settlement of Australia.
The working conditions were very harsh having 14-16 hour days and factories were frightening to labourers it was very dirty and dark which helped spread diseases. Living conditions weren't better with cholera spreading at a rapid rate along with homes built with no bathroom, toilet or running water. Many homes never washed themselves or their clothes! Their bathroom or 'toilet' was a hole in the ground.
Living & working conditions.
A picture showing
a factory in use!
This was the American Revolution flag.
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