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How do we secure outstanding outcomes at

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Katherine Boase

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of How do we secure outstanding outcomes at

How do we secure outstanding outcomes at
Pool Academy?

Raising Standards
Embedding a culture of all can achieve with teachers engaging with data.
Use of SISRA - allowing staff to become confident in the data system to answer key questions so they monitor the outcomes of their students.
Ensuring MLT predictions are accurate.
Quality first teaching
Teaching needs to be worthwhile and value for money.
If teaching is effective and staff know their students, where they are and what they need to do to make progress - this will result in outstanding outcomes.
Feedback - vital link in progress and outcomes
Modelling outstanding practice and sharing good practice.

MLT support through GCSE guidance
CPD support for GCSE outcomes - do all staff know what makes a GCSE grade C / A*?
Sharing good practice - allow opportunities for staff to link with other departments across schools and ensure moderation occurs.
Student support for all learners - meeting all their needs
Outstanding Outcomes
Students - wanting to succeed and achieve
Families - creating a positive ethos for progress of all
Staff - raising perceptions of outcomes of all students
Community Links - creating a 'thirst for more'
Good Practice
Use of learning walks
Peer assessment on teaching
MLT sharing good practice
Inset focus on achievement
Praise for students and staff
Raising Standards
Quality first teaching
Good practice
MLT needs to be monitoring outcomes of pupil premium students.
Pupil Premium gap needs to be reducing.
Conversations need to be had to identify who are the pupil premium students, do staff know them, where they are, their next steps and their expected outcomes?
Outcomes are linked to literacy levels and skills.
Key literacy and SPAG components need to be in all lessons across the school.
Reading and spelling ages are important as students need to be able to access exams papers in order for achievements to occur.
Examples of Success
Past student success
Career pathways
Inspirational speakers for future choices for post 16 choices.
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