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Design Thinking Project

This is the Presentation.

Albert Packer

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Design Thinking Project

Change by Design Design Thinking Holistic and Human-Centered 3 P's of Design Thinking Process Project Ideation Inspiration Implementation Problem that motivates Process of generating,
developing and testing ideas The path from the project room to the market Tim Brown Problem "The mark of a designer is a willing embrace of constraints" -Charles Eames Non-linear process "Fail early to succeed sooner" Feasibility Desirability Viability The vehicle that carries your idea through the design thinking process. Designer: Resolves the Problem Design Thinker: Brings constraints into harmonious balance It's all about the people Insight Observation Empathy Translate into products and services Unfocus groups Mental Matrix Hard Work + - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Hope Insight Confidence Diverge Analyze Synthesis Create choices Make Choices Converge Time/Space/Budget Experiment Human-Centered Optimism Trust Confidence Brainstorm and Prototype Butterfly Integrative thinking Prototype Think with hands Acting Live "In the wild" Experience Empathy: Active Participation Delivery: Service Providers Blueprint: Every Aspect Storytelling "Cool Biz" Every story is different Engages individuals actively Emotional punch Gets people to talk Activism/Teaching/Social Contract Design. the future. your life. a way of thinking.
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