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Copy of Verbals

Participles, Gerunds, and Infinitives

Cynthia Nations

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Verbals

A participle is a verb
form that is used as an
A verbal is a verb form that
is used as some other part of
Present Participle:-ing
Past Participle: -ed
Participal Phrase: a participle
with its modifiers and complements--
all working together as an adjective.
Flying low, the plane circled the airport.
The crowd standing on the ground watched the airplane.
A cheer went up for the woman piloting the small craft.
A gerund is a verb form that is used as a noun.
Subject: Swimming is my favorite activity.
Direct Object: Do you enjoy skiing?
Object of the Preposition: The lifeguard saved her from drowning.
Predicate Nominative: My sister's favorite pastime is boating.
Appositive: I have a new hobby, sailing.
Gerund or Participle?
Both end in -ing.
Just remember that a gerund
is used as a noun.
A participle is used as an adjective.
A gerund phrase is a gerund with its modifiers and complements--all working together as a noun.
His heavy breathing was due to an intense workout.
Exercising daily is important for everyone.
Jogging in the park is a pleasant form of exercise.
Walking a mile every day will help keep you healthy.
A verb form that usually
begins with to. It is usually
used as a noun, an adjective,
or an adverb.
To succeed was his
only goal in life.
He wanted to win more than
anything else.
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