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Albert Einstein

No description

M2K Kids

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Albert Einstein

My schooling
I liked elemientary school, I started highschool at 10 years old and I didn't like school at that time. I starded teaching him self about science. Math was my favorite subject and I tought my self self geometry. I wasn't interested in sports. I was disrespectful to his teachers and I was always asking questions that the teachers could not anser. I started hating school and I was expelled from school. I was embarrassed and disappointed in my self because of this.
My Death date, Place, Cause, And Age at death
I died at the Princeton hospital on April 17, 1955. I died from a breif illness, I was 76 years old when I died.
My Career
I was very good at my job and alwas finished my work before I went home. In one year I published five papers in a famous German Journal about physics. In 1905 I introduced my theory of relativity. I became a profess in 1909 at the University of Zurich. I tugght physics. In 1914 I left Mileva and my son and moved to Berlin,Germany. I was wating to prove my theory of curving light.
My Early Life
I didn't start talking until I was four years old. As I was a child I liket to play by my self. I liked to build houses out of playing cards. Also, I was fascinated by electricity beacuse my father and uncle ouned a business that sold batteries, generators, and wire.
In 1879 I was born on March14th in Uim, Germany.
My Family Members
I and my family were Jewish and German. My parents were Hermann and Pauline Einstein. I had a younger sister named Mgja
Interesting Facts abowt me
3 Intersting facts abowt me aer: 1. I won the Noble prize for physics in 1922. 2. I marriy my cuson Elsa. 3. I get expelled from highschool.
My Adult Life
In 1902 I got a gob at the Swiss Patent Office. Shortly after this my father died and I was devastated. I met a friend in collage named Mileva Maric. Shortly after they met I and Mileva got Married in the year 1903. I liked to call Mileva'' Doly''. I and Mileva's son, Hans Einstein was born in 1904.
My Contributions In Live
I became a professor at the University of Zurich. I was right that light bended in space. when photograghers photografet the soar eclipse. I sent a leter to the President of the USA to invent a atomic bomb to help fight in world war2.
Albert Einstein
schooling part 2
I was also angry with my teachers. Two years later I read and studied the lives of scientists and published my first paper about electricity and magntism. After this I decided to sudy physics at collage.
schooling part 3
I re-entered highschool in Switzerland and graduated. In 1899 I became a Swiss citizen. I graduated from collige at Swiss Federal Polytechnic in the city of zurich in the year 1900.
Title And Author Of Book And Other Research used
Who Was Albert Einstein by Jess Brallier and Illastrated br Robert Andrew Parker. I also used Biogariphy, Albert Einstein by Frida Wisninsky, and I used my note cards about Albert Einstein.
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