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Blood Brothers

No description

Lynda Hind

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers revision guide The Narrator Explains things to the audience Blends into the background His suit is black and represents
darkness and death.
Funereal reminder - tragic deaths.
He's like the devil's messenger.
"The Devil's got your number" He reminds the audience that
Blood Brothers is a story they
can learn from. He stops us getting
too involved. Invites the audience
to judge Mrs. Johnson Annonomous -
mostly not ackowledged
by the other characters. Voice and conscience -
through him -
guilt and torment of the characters - Mrs. J and Mrs. L Central / main lead
opens and closes the play Childhood Childhood should be about...
Not worrying about things.
Making friends
Having fun
Enjoying yourself Cowboys and Indians ~ violent games They don't understand ~
Childhood innocence
'If you cross your fingers and if you count from 1 - 10' shows that they believe it's a game and are innocent to the reality of guns. The childhood games and gunfights link to later events in the play. Childhood is a very important
theme in the play. Future events
often echo childhood games Maybe fate and heredity
are working together to
bring the brothers back
together. Themes Class Dreams Superstition and fate 'shoes on the table'
broken looking glass
full moon
spilt salt
spider killed
all signs of bad luck about to happen
(If twins separated secretly ' If either twin learns that he were once a pair, they will both immediately die' - ... made up or real superstition? created to scare Mrs. Johnstone? Nature versus Nurture ~
Nature = born with certain characteristics
Nurture = characteristics developed because of upbringing.
e.g If Mickey had gone to the Lyons would the play have ended differently? Probably not because of upbringing. Families
Nature/Nurture Childhood games Education Love and friendship Weapons and violence
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