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Transcript of GPA GAME

If you have taken an exceptionally strong academic program
If you play the oboe or viola
If you clearly stated that this college was your first choice by filing an Early Decision application and commitment
+2 keep it up!
If your intended major is Psychology or premed...
Go back 1 space
If your intended major is Greek
Move forward 2 spaces
If you do not know any of your teachers well and had trouble finding someone to write your college recommendation
If, when you word-processed your college essay, you forgot to change the name of the college you were applying to
Move back 4 spaces!

Tip: Avoid school-specific essays and/or always "find" and "replace" college names within the document before sending
If you are a legacy
If you did not write the optional essay for your college application
Move forward 2 spaces
If the topic of your college essay was "My trip to France" or "What I learned from playing Sports"
Move back 1 space for lack of creativity
If you wrote an amazing application essay that highlighted your accomplishments in the face of adversity.
Advance 3 spaces

Tip: Ask college counselors, teachers, friends and family to EDIT your essay. It can make a big difference!
If you plagarized an AP U.S. History paper and got caught - sit down, you're out of the competition entirely

If you will be the first in your family to attend college.

*also known as "first-generation"
Way to go smarty pants
If you participated in an enriching summer program instead of perfecting your tan at the beach...
+2 for you!
If you participated in NO extracurricular activities...
Go back 3 spaces
If you participated in a significant amount of community service through NYA
advance 1 space and pat yourself on the back!
If you are an Eagle Scout
"Be prepared"...

...to move up 2 spaces.

Fact: Leadership is an important part of the college admissions evaluation process
Are you a varsity athlete?
If so, move forward 1 space
If you are a varsity athlete that took second place at regionals in your sport
Move 1 space closer to the front
If you got a "D" in an academic course during Sophomore or Junior year
Go back 3 spaces and ask your teacher for extra help
If you came to the college information session, introduced yourself to the college representative, and asked good questions...
Move up 1 space and keep up the good work
If you are a legal resident of Idaho
Move up

*regional diversity is often helpful to an application

If you never gave your college counselor any personal information for use in writing your college recommendation
Go back 1 space :(
You participated in a diversity program and impressed the admissions staff during your time on campus.
Move forward 2 spaces. Great job!

1. Move closer or further from the admission director based on the traits you possess and the value of each.

2. Think about characteristics you can improve in order to become a more competitive college applicant.

3. If multiple students share a skill or characteristic, the student furthest from the admission officer must move first.

3. Have fun!
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
(cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr
copy paste branches if you need more....
Go to the front of the line to receive your acceptance letter and scholarship.
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