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GO-GO Music

No description

grecia baltierra

on 7 April 2011

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Transcript of GO-GO Music

Go-Go Music LEGOO! The GodFatherOf Gogo Chuck Brown is credited as being the man who started it all. Chuck Brown & the Soul Searchers were respected as one of the top bands and recorded a few successful records. Chuck Brown

Date Of Birth: August 28, 1936

Hometown: Washington DC

Age When Started Playing Music: As a Teen

Influences In Music: Funk , Hip-Hop , R&B History Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers and heavy on bass and percussion . For the most part go-go music has remain popular in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and has not really spread to other areas in the USA. Gogo begain in washington DC and is popular mostly around the DMV area Pocket Beat The pocket beat is a type of gogo that is more into a funk and chill type. It manly consist of cow bells , congos , timbales , Drum Set and Hype Men
Bounce Beat The Bouce Beat is a more upbeat and hype style. this consist of repetitive kicks on the drum set with the high hat , the timbales do more flaming. flaming is a sound caused by the two sticks hitting the head of the drum a split second apart By. Bruno Smith Smoke From Notheast Groovers Playing The Congos Tob-NOMEE
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