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The Mystery of The Walking Stones

No description

Joey Mei

on 14 May 2017

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Transcript of The Mystery of The Walking Stones

What is the mystery?
How the stones were moved and buried after civilization has disappeared.
5 observations on why it is a mystery
Topknots (the head of the stones) were missing.
No presence of humans living on the island
Rock bodies were buried under hundred of years of dirt.
Since the rats population grew on the island, they believed the rats moved the stone.
The tough grass was capable of becoming ropes, which wrapped around the statues.
Interesting facts cont...
Interesting facts
There are approximately 887 statues on Easter Island
It is believed that the civilization of Easter Island was wiped out because of cannibalism
The statues were moved 11 miles across the island, it was unclear what method was used to move it
Polynesians built the stones and carved them out of volcanic rocks to honor the spirits of deceased leaders
Explorers found a lot of bones, rats included, which made them believe rats took part in moving the statue
Thank you!
Key players in the mystery? When and where it took place?
We agree that the natives built the Moai to be transported easily. The people of Rapa Nui were known for their intelligence and if they were to build something big and heavy, they would have a way to easily move it for their convenience. Natives found alternative ways to move it.
The Mystery of The Walking Stones
Tobi Ajibade, Hana Abbas, Joey Mei
Theory 1
Explorers found rat bones because rats and humans took part in the destruction of Easter Island, humans cut down trees for resources (Ecocide) and rats found food in the trees; therefore, the island lacked resources causing people and rats to die due to famine. Since there were more rats than humans, the rats lasted there longer than the humans and that's why many believe that rats moved the statues.
700 A.D. to 1200 A.D.
Rapa Nui, also known as Easter Island
Easter Island was one of the most isolated places on Earth
834 of the statues are carved out of compressed volcanic ash
Weight of the statues ranged between 12.5-86 tons
Height of the statues ranged between 3.9- 13 meters
It was called Easter Island because it was found by Dutch on Easter Day
Many believed the rocks were moved by "aliens"
Theory 2
In the past, islanders used combinations of log rollers, ropes, and wooden sledges. A group of archaeologists came up with a new theory stating that the Moai, were engineered to move. The natives purposely built the Moais with fat bellies making it easy to tilt forward and it was easy to roll and rock the Moai side to side.
Our Conclusion..
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