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Clean Logistics

No description

Kerry Drake

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Clean Logistics

Clean Logistics
Team 11
Kerry Drake
Graham Hixon
Garima Singh
Michelle Velasco
Transportation doesn't have to be dirty
What is LNG?
Let's Break Down the Costs
Truck Costs
Cost of Fuel
Lifespan of vehicles
Mission Statement
We strive to provide low-cost and environmentally friendly freight trucking services to the auto industry by utilizing clean and inexpensive natural gas.

A cleaner auto industry. A cleaner America.
Outsource - Direct Marketing
How we market?
Industry Average Salary $45,000
Competitors Have Unfilled Positions
Competitive Salaries and Bonuses
Social Impact
Diesel: $100,000 - $150,000
LNG: $160,000 - $200,000
Avg. $40,000 more
Partner with
Savings of $20,000/yr
Diesel Fuel
Gallons of Fuel 20,500/yr
Diesel: 3 years
LNG: Up to 7 years
LNG vs. Diesel
Cleaner emissions
Price Offering
Strategy & Resilience
Competitive Fuel Prices
Infrastructure Development
Future Expansion
The Automotive Industry and
The US Economy
GDP: 3 to 3.5%
Employment: 716,900 (2011)

GDP: 11.5%
Auto Suppliers
Employment: 3.6M jobs (2012)
2.3% of GDP
Auto Industry
from bls.gov
from bea.gov
from Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
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